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Julia Sánchez


General Health Psychologist and Psychotherapist, trained in the clinical and social áreas. Specialized in systemic, humanistic and Psychodramatic Psychotherapy.

Master’s Degree in General Health Psychology from the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas  with a Specialization in Experiential Humanist Psychotherapy. Focused on Emotional Psychotherapy, Expert in Systemic Family Therapy from the Complutense University of Madrid, specialized in Psychological Intervention with Victims of Gender Violence by the Madrid official school of psychologists and specialist in Psychodramatic Psychotherapy.


stais in continuous training to expand her professional horizons and guarantee patients quality care.

Professional Experience

For years, Julia combined psychotherapy in the private clinic with work as a psychologist at ACCEM, an International Protection Program serving refugees in individual and family modalities, both in Spanish and French. At the program she also develops group therapies and teaches workshops aimed at patients and professionals.

Specialized in intervention with severe trauma, grieving situations, life crises, family difficulties and anxious-depressive processes.

“My vocation is to support people in difficult times and suffering, and help them get the best of themselves through psychotherapy”.